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Yesterday we drove home from the beautiful mountains in Colorado to super hot Texas – a 13 hour drive.  We were somewhere in West Texas in the middle of corn fields on a 2 lane highway when we came upon a huge thunderstorm.  At first we thought it was kinda cool and I started snapping pics of the crazy looking clouds, sheets of rain and sky-to-ground lightning we were seeing in the distance.

Then we realized this giant cloud that looked like it could drop a funnel down at any moment was headed in our direction.  Joey picked up the pace and we sped right out of there.  It was a little intense for a minute, especially when we saw what may or may not have been the beginnings of a tornado.  Not sure if it ever developed, we didn’t stick around long enough to see.  This was definitely the most exciting part of our all day driving extravaganza.


Tomorrow Joey and I leave for a week of vacation.  Many moons ago (6 months) when I had a corporate job, I counted down the weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until I got to leave the ‘real world’ behind and do something fun on vacation.  If we did not have our next vacation planned, I would get kinda freaked out.  Having a vacation planned helped me ‘survive’ the job I didn’t much care for.  If I was having an awful day, I could tell myself, ‘only 6 more weeks until vacation – you can do it.’  Sounds kinda pathetic, huh?  Well, that’s how I felt – vacation kept me sane.

Lake Dillon, CO

These days we don’t go on as many vacations as we used to, but I don’t mind.  I love my new ‘job’ making soap and other goodies.  I’m not making much money yet (the reason for fewer vacations), but I really enjoy what I’m doing every day.  I still look forward to vacation (who doesn’t?), but fortunately it’s not critical to my mental health like it used to be.

Now to the good stuff – where we’re headed.  We’ll be spending the week in Summit County, Colorado – more specifically, Lake Dillon.  This place is almost like a home away from home for us.  My parents have a wonderful condo up there, so we are fortunate enough to get to visit these beautiful mountains often.  We try to go at least twice a year, once for ski season and once in the summer (my favorite).   We have a list of ‘regular’ spots we have to hit, and already know where the best happy hour deals are.

One of the best parts is that we will get to escape the brutal heat we’ve been having.  I believe at my house we’re going on 10 days in a row above 100 degrees, and the 5 day forecast doesn’t look much better.  It will be such a wonderful change to be in a place where we can enjoy summer outside!  We’re planning to go rafting and do lots of hiking – am I making you jealous yet?  We leave bright and early tomorrow morning for our 14 hour drive.  A small price to pay for what I know will be a wonderful week.

me and Joey on a hike in Summit County

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