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Everyone has a favorite place for a good margarita.  My favorite local Mexican restaurant, Frescos, has a really tasty rita called the true agave.  Paired with their fajitas, it is just about the perfect meal.  My mouth is starting to water just thinking about it.  Fajitas and margaritas say summer to me.  So in honor of the rising mercury and Cinco de Mayo, I’m sharing my favorite margarita recipes – one in drink form and the other in soap.  

First, the drink (priorities)  

on the rocks - no salt for me, please


Ultimate Margarita  

2 oz. tequila  

6 oz.  limeade – I like the simply limeade  

2 oz. orange juice – whatever you have, but my favorite is the simply orange with pineapple – extra tropical!  

splash of triple sec  

the lineup of ingredients in my margarita


shake ingredients vigorously in a shaker, pour in your favorite glass, squeeze a wedge of lime if you have it (I didn’t) and enjoy!   

Now for the soap  

first batch of margarita soap colored with parsley


I’ve made 2 test batches of margarita soap so far, and they both smell fabulous.  They are not looking as fab as they smell, so will work some more to get these looking beautiful.  The first batch has ground parsley for the yellow/green color, unscented soap chunks as ice and salt on top.  I wasn’t completely satisfied with the parsley, so tried something different next batch.  

second batch of margarita soap colored with lime juice and green clay


For the second batch, I still used key lime and lemon oils, but also added some litsea to help those citrus scents stick around.  I used fresh lime juice and french green clay, as well as the unscented soap chunks, for the color.  Not crazy about this color either, although it is pretty darn close to the color of my actual margarita.  

I see another test batch in my near future, and lots of sampling ahead.  I better mix up another margarita for inspiration.   



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